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We're not your ordinary drive thru!  When you place your order online, you can select an ASAP or a custom future pickup time!  For example, you can preorder your morning coffee and simply pull up at your designated time to pickup and be on your way quickly!

Our default ASAP pickup times are currently 25-35 minutes, however, we may run faster and adjust with more experience.   We'll text you when your order is ready!  Drink only orders will be ready faster, so you might want to head on over if your order is ASAP.   Simply pull up to the pickup window for excellent service from one of our friendly and experienced baristas or servers.  You never have to leave your car!

Online Order Pickup Window Hours are currently:   Mon-Fri 7am-2pm   Sat & Sun  8am-3pm

App Ordering, Local Delivery, and Loyalty Program Integration will be coming later in 2020!

Questions, suggestions or comments?  Please email us at or text our Pickup Window directly at 972-842-9633.  The owner takes your feedback seriously and cares about the quality of your experience!  We look forward to serving you even better in 2020!